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lcevc showcase at IBC 2022

Learn more about MPEG-5 LCEVC

MPEG-5 LCEVC is one of the most powerful video compression solutions availabe. It works by enhancing underlying codecs rather than replacing them. Learn how LCEVC works and how it delivers higher quality at lower bitrates. 

Learn more about LCEVC

These companies support the MPEG-5 LCEVC Showcase at IBC22

In order to promote a growing ecosystem of LCEVC solutions available in the market,
these companies are co-sponsoring the MPEG-5 LCEVC showcase at IBC22.

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Available demos at the Showcase
The booths will feature demos to show practical use cases delivering LCEVC-enhanced content to TVs, mobile apps and web browsers as well as new XR applications, all powered by the interoperating product of participating companies.

  • Live 2160p60 streaming decoded by an existing TV chipset

  • LCEVC-enabled apps decoding content on iOS, Android and Windows platforms

  • An LCEVC-enabled ShakaPlayer decoding LCEVC on any HTML5-capable browser

  • LCEVC applied to real-time-communication applications for improved QoS and reliability

  • LCEVC enabling cloud-rendered XR and gaming applications

  • A photorealistic rendering of 6DoF (6 Degrees of Freedom) VR content not possible with any other available technology today


Featured Demo
LCEVC applied to real-time-communication applications for improved QoS and reliability

The combination of Steinwurf’s network stabilisation solution and a highly efficient compression solution, like LCEVC, makes the video experience robust and enjoyable with the highest QoE and a lower environmental and dollar cost of deployment, ensuring ultra-low latency, even when network conditions are not ideal or when a wireless mediums are in use.

Steinwurf’s solution is ideal for gaming, video conference systems, cloud enterprise and SD Wan use cases, and was developed to address the fundamental problem of packet loss and target minimum latency operations. The software intelligently adds repair packets into the data stream, which correct for packet loss without retransmissions, thereby avoiding latency

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Talks and presentations at IBC

Guenda Cobianchi

MPEG-5 LCEVC improves the compression-speed tradeoff and reduces power consumption of AV1, Guendalina Cobianchi

Friday 9th September | 17:30 | Innovation Stage

The presentation demonstrates how MPEG-5 LCEVC  provides a boost to the tradeoff between compression efficiency and transcoding speed of any other codec. It will cover several codecs including AV1 and it will also describe how LCEVC could simultaneously expand the mobile reach of AV1 and reduce the power consumption. 

Data compression for 6DoF, Kevin Mockford

Saturday 10th September |  12:15 | E102 | 'Advances in Video coding'

6 Degrees of Freedom (DoF) are used in Virtual Reality (VR) applications to enhance the user experience compared to the standard 3DoF solutions.  
Although it enhances user experience, 6 DoF requires a higher volume of data compared to 3DoF, which has made content distribution challenging and has also limited its applications to high-end specialised machines.  We present a novel point cloud compression scheme to allow 6DoF VR applications to run in real-time on high-end consumer devices.

Guido Meardi

MPEG-5 LCEVC and sustainability in streaming, Guido Meardi

Monday 12 September |  11:30 | CE Stage

Mounting concern over the environmental impact of video streaming requires a new approach to encoding as defined by one of MPEG’s latest standards. The presentation takes a deeper look at the benefits delivered by LCEVC.

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