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MPEG-5 LCEVC Showcase

at IBC Show 2023

RAI Amsterdam Hall 5

Booths A24 and B40

Available demos at the Showcase
The booths will feature demos to show practical use cases of LCEVC-enhanced content in Encoders, Video SOCs & TVs, Platforms & Players, VR/XR and Cloud Gaming.


Widespread support for LCEVC enhancement from a range of industry leading encoding solutions

  • Higher quality and resolutions at up to 40% lower bitrates

  • Up to 70% lower complexity provides faster, higher density and more sustainable encoding

  • Encode for all devices in a single workflow with backwards-compatible streams

Video SOCs & TVs

LCEVC secure decoding on major video chipsets and on TV and STB platforms

  • Enable the best video experience to TV and STB
  • Leverage capabilities of existing chipsets
  • Ready to use silicon IP for next generation chipsets

Platforms & Players

LCEVC encoding and decoding is available at application level for web players, Android, iOS, and Apple TV

  • High-quality, low latency, cost-efficient delivery

  • Faster, better-quality upload of UGC from mobile

  • Scalable delivery of higher-resolutions and HDR

VR/XR & Cloud Gaming

LCEVC is available on NVIDIA GPUs for cloud gaming and pixel streaming at scale reducing latency

  • Improve the video compression performance up to 40% even for ultra-low latency use cases
  • Supported on existing devices (PCs, mobiles, tablets, VR HMDs) with simple app-level updates
  • Deliver photorealistic 6DoF VR and gaming experiences from the cloud

Sessions featuring MPEG-5 LCEVC

Fabio Murra Speaker
Fabio Murra
SVP Product and Marketing

Product Presentation 

Enabling next-generation broadcast delivery of the FIFA World Cup with MPEG-5 LCEVC

During the FIFA World Cup, Globo put a number of companies and technologies together to showcase the potential of the TV 2.5 and TV 3.0 in delivering higher quality services to Brazilian consumers.  For the first time these technologies were used in a complete end-to-end production to provide 4K HDR video with immersive and personalized audio. 

Date: Saturday 16th September
Time: 10:15
Place: Stage 1 ( Stand 5A.28)

Panel Session

High performance sporting case studies

Live sports are consistently among the most valuable forms of media content. As broadcasters, sports streamers and tech giants battle it out and invest heavily to secure high profile media rights, they need reliable, efficient and scalable technology to ensure rock-solid live coverage across traditional linear distribution and digital viewing platforms. This session will look at three case studies showing how streaming technologies are augmenting coverage of for top-tier sports including cricket’s Indian Premier League and the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Venugopal Iyengar, COO Digital, Planetcast International
Fabio Mura, SVP Product Marketing, V-Nova Services
Tobias Froehlich, Chief Product Officer, TeraVolt

Date: Sunday 17th September
Time: 11:15
Place: Stage 2 ( Stand 5H.75)

These companies support the MPEG-5 LCEVC Showcase at IBC23

This year, at IBC23, the MPEG-5 LCEVC showcase will bring LCEVC-based use cases across broadcast, pay-tv, streaming and XR/VR, all powered by solutions from different vendors, including encoders, media players, cloud transcoders and online video platforms.

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MPEG-5 LCEVC Use Cases

Phone App encoding for UGC* upload

 Key Features

  • Quality improvement compared to native phone encoder

  • More robust. Aggressive bitrate reductions, even on challenging UGC, cutting the upload time

  • Publishing Time reduced by 25% to 50%, depending on codec

  • Storage requirements and costs reduced by 30-50%

  • Deployed with an App update

Real-time encoding/transcoding for premium live sport events

 Key Features

  • LCEVC improves the compression efficiency of existing encoders by up to 40%
  • For streaming providers, LCEVC’s compression efficiency translates into 20% delivery cost savings while achieving a higher quality
  • LCEVC Scalable option, enables cost-effective delivery of UHD channels atop existing HD broadcasts

HDR delivery with a retro-compatible SDR stream for mobile

 Key Features

  • Add an HDR enhancement layer on top of an existing SDR ‘base’, and eliminate the need for workflow duplication
  • Up to 80% saving on storage compared to producing a separate standalone HDR file
  • Reduces processing needs compared to having to produce the separate HDR file

Offline transcoding of premium content

 Key Features

  • LCEVC uplifts video quality at any operating point, while reducing the delivery and storage costs by up to 20% in adaptive streaming scenario

  • Reduced Compute costs and energy usage in transcoding; speed-up (re)transcoding of the VOD library by up to 3x on slower codecs

  • LCEVC Scalable option to enhance HD into UHD

Cloud gaming

 Key Features

  • Compression Efficiencies: up to 40% better compression than AVC or HEVC alone
  • LCEVC is added as a software decoder update, on existing target devices

XR pixel streaming

 Key Features

  • Up to 40% better compression than HEVC alone. This enables high-quality streaming of photorealistic XR experiences
  • LCEVC capability can be added to next generation and also existing VR HMDs such as Quest 2 or Pico 4 as a software application

Learn more about MPEG-5 LCEVC

MPEG-5 LCEVC is one of the most powerful video compression solutions availabe. It works by enhancing underlying codecs rather than replacing them. Learn how LCEVC works and how it delivers higher quality at lower bitrates. 

Learn more about LCEVC

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V-Nova is committed to unlocking higher picture quality at scale.  Our relentless investment in R&D has built a portfolio of over 600 international patents. Our technologies are now international standards recognized by MPEG, ISO and SMPTE. 

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