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MPEG-5 LCEVC Showcase at NAB Show 2024

Las Vegas April 14-17

Convention Center - West Hall - Connect

Booths W3454 and W3455


Learn more about MPEG-5 LCEVC

MPEG-5 LCEVC is one of the most powerful video compression solutions available. It works by enhancing underlying codecs rather than replacing them. Learn how LCEVC works and how it delivers higher quality at lower bitrates. 

Learn more about LCEVC
Fabio 2018-2
Fabio Murra
SVP Product and Marketing


Shaping the future of television: Brazil's journey to TV 3.0 and the Paris Olympics live broadcast trials

Following the success of broadcasting live the FIFA World Cup 2022, the SBTVD forum, Brazil's leading broadcasters and their partners will broadcast live the Paris Olympics of 2024 utilizing new TV3.0 technologies and effectively paving the way for Brazil's new standard rollout in 2025.

The trials aim to showcase the readiness and interoperability of the components necessary for the specification, while highlighting the substantial improvements in service quality that the standard will offer consumers. The trials are a significant milestone in digital terrestrial broadcasting, representing the first time the most advanced audio and video technologies are used to deliver a consumer service in the world.

This presentation will describe the preparation and objectives of the trials, giving an insight on the developments required by multiple technology companies to build an ecosystem for the next generation TV broadcast services.

  •  Sunday, April 14   |   2:30 PM (PT)
  • West Hall, Connect Zone, Tech Chat Theater
GM_st_white 3_4
Gianluca Meardi
Managing Director V-Nova Studios


Breaking Boundaries in VR: Introducing PresenZ 6DoF by V-Nova Studios

Gianluca Meardi, Managing Director of V-Nova Studios, presents the V-Nova PresenZ 6DoF video format. This innovative format, which has already clinched the Lumiere Award, is poised to transform virtual reality storytelling by offering cinematic photorealism coupled with six degrees of freedom.

This allows viewers to navigate pre-rendered scenes in real-time, moving beyond fixed viewpoints to achieve a fully immersive experience. V-Nova Studios, a business unit of V-Nova dedicated to crafting immersive 6DoF films, distribution, and monetization, will also provide a sneak peek into the highly anticipated movie content soon to be released in this new format. The PresenZ technology, which integrates V-Nova's advanced point-cloud compression, not only enhances storytelling in VR but also facilitates the re-mastering of existing movie libraries.

Attendees will get an exclusive look at the development of photorealistic, immersive movies that promise an unprecedented level of engagement, allowing audiences to step into and explore movie scenes like never before. 

  •  Monday, April 15   |   2:30 PM (PT)
  • West Hall, Connect Zone, Tech Chat Theater
Thierry Fautier 
Managing Director Your Media Transformation

White Paper

How MPEG-5 LCEVC Can Unlock Ultra HD DTT Deployment?

"I have been following V-Nova from its inception and the running point was when their technology was standardized as MPEG-5 LCEVC, and now that LCEVC is part of the Brazil TV 3.-0 specification, we have to revise the way UHD is deployed.  

This white paper will open the eyes of many who have seen UHD deployed in simulcast, in a sub-optimal way. This will hopefully give a new life to UHD not only for DTT, but also in some other delivery networks in the near future."

The following companies support the MPEG-5 LCEVC Showcase

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Available demos at the Showcase
The booths will feature demos to show practical use cases of LCEVC-enhanced content in Encoders, Video SOCs & TVs, Platforms & Players, and VR/XR.


Widespread support for LCEVC enhancement from a range of industry leading encoding solutions

  • Higher quality and resolutions at up to 40% lower bitrates

  • Up to 70% lower complexity provides faster, higher density and more sustainable encoding

  • Encode for all devices in a single workflow with backwards-compatible streams

Video SOCs & TVs

LCEVC decoding on major TV and STB chipset platforms with rapidly deployable driver updates

  • Enables a step-change upgrade in video experience to a broad range of existing TV and STB devices

  • Leverage existing chipset capabilities with driver update

Platforms & Players

Showcasing the deployment options for LCEVC encoding and decoding at the software/application level including Web players, Android, iOS, and Apple TV


    Instantly deploy higher resolution and quality services with simple app-level updates

  • Faster, better-quality upload of UGC from mobile

  • Low-cost, low-latency delivery from platforms


LCEVC is helping to enable key use cases for immersive media and the Metaverse


  • Low complexity and ultra-low latency transcoding for edge rendering at scale

  • Enabling fully immersive resolutions at feasible delivery bitrates

  • Point-cloud compression for 6DoF immersive experiences

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SBTVD 300x300

SBTVD Forum rollout plans for TV3.0 in Brazil

by  Mauricio Felix
Diretor de Tecnologia de Infraestrutura e Segurança at TV Globo


Monday, April 15 • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Booth W3454 and W3455



V-Nova is committed to unlocking higher picture quality at scale.  Our relentless investment in R&D has built a portfolio approaching 1000 international patents. Our technologies are now international standards recognized by MPEG, ISO and SMPTE. 

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